Embarking into the Cloud Native Era

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Cloud computing has forever changed the IT landscape of the world, with the world’s enterprise and institutions all migrating to the cloud. One important development in Cloud is that of Cloud-native applications, which can fully utilize the essential advantages of cloud computing. Alibaba Cloud, being at the cutting-edge of this technology, has embarked into this exciting new frontier in the cloud computing space from the very beginning.

The Cloud and the Cloud Native Era

Over the past few decades, enterprise IT architectures have gone through three major stages: standalone, distributed, and cloud computing. Within a decade of the birth of cloud computing, most Internet companies have launched their applications in the cloud. Today, enterprises and institutions in the financial, manufacturing, medical, as well as governmental sectors are gradually migrating to the cloud.

The cloud migration of enterprises is not only about upgrading their infrastructure and platforms, but also about shedding the traditional approaches of designing applications. Cloud-native applications must be designed based on the characteristics of the cloud, from their architecture and development, to their deployment and maintenance. Cloud-oriented design must be applied throughout the entire lifecycle of applications. Only in this way will applications run efficiently in the cloud and fully utilize the advantages brought on by the distributed architecture and elasticity of the cloud.

Cloud Native and Alibaba Cloud

Cloud native is a set of groundbreaking ideas that stimulate the development of brand-new technologies, such as containers, microservices, and service meshes.

Alibaba Cloud is the first technology company in China to deploy cloud-native technologies. Alibaba Cloud attended 2019 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit (June 24 to June 26) and shared its cutting-edge technologies and applications based on the cloud native initiative with users worldwide. During the event, Alibaba Cloud also launched products and services such as ACK Edge Kubernetes and a cloud-native application management and delivery system.

Timeline of Cloud Native Services at Alibaba Cloud

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Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends.

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