Enterprise Distributed Application Service — An Overview


Features | EDAS | Alibaba Cloud

Enterprise Application Middleware

  • Create an application instance
  • Deploy an application
  • Scale (Up or Down) — Application Resources
  • Start an application
  • Delete an application

Microservices | EDAS | Alibaba Cloud

  • Synchronous | Asynchronous Calls
  • HTTP Calls | Generic Calls

Containerized |Application Hosting | EDAS | Alibaba Cloud

  • Easily and quickly build containerized microservice architecture with Kubernetes
  • Have a fully managed service that doesn’t require resource orchestration from the user. This allows the user to concentrate on application lifecycle management.
  • Automate the image building process using EDAS and the application deployment using Kubernetes clusters. As a user, you can easily deploy applications using JAR or WAR packages.

Wrapping Up

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