Establishing a Network with PouchContainer

How PouchContainer Establishes a Network




Embedded Network Modes of PouchContainer

Bridge Mode

Host Mode

Container Mode

None Mode

Relationship between the CNM and Network Mode

Source Code for Network Connect Function

// Connect is used to connect a container to a network.func (mgr *ContainerManager) Connect(ctx context.Context, name string, networkIDOrName string, epConfig *types.EndpointSettings) error {    c, err := mgr.container(name)    ⋯⋯    n, err := mgr.NetworkMgr.Get(context.Background(), networkIDOrName)    ⋯⋯    if c.State.Status != types.StatusRunning {        if c.State.Status == types.StatusDead {            ⋯⋯        }        if err := mgr.updateNetworkConfig(c, n.Name, epConfig); err != nil {            return err        }    } else if err := mgr.connectToNetwork(ctx, c, networkIDOrName, epConfig); err != nil {        return err    }    return c.Write(mgr.Store)}
func (mgr *ContainerManager) connectToNetwork(ctx context.Context, container *Container, networkIDOrName string, epConfig *types.EndpointSettings) (err error) {    ⋯⋯    endpoint := mgr.buildContainerEndpoint(container)

endpoint.Name = network.Name
endpoint.EndpointConfig = epConfig if _, err := mgr.NetworkMgr.EndpointCreate(ctx, endpoint); err != nil { ⋯⋯ } return mgr.updateNetworkConfig(container, networkIDOrName, endpoint.EndpointConfig)}
// EndpointCreate is used to create network endpoint.func (nm *NetworkManager) EndpointCreate(ctx context.Context, endpoint *types.Endpoint) (string, error) {    ⋯⋯    // create endpoint    epOptions, err := endpointOptions(n, endpoint)    if err != nil {        return "", err    }    endpointName := containerID[:8]    ep, err := n.CreateEndpoint(endpointName, epOptions...)    if err != nil {        return "", err    }         ⋯⋯    // create sandbox    sb := nm.getNetworkSandbox(containerID)    if sb == nil {        sandboxOptions, err := buildSandboxOptions(nm.config, endpoint)        ⋯⋯        sb, err = nm.controller.NewSandbox(containerID, sandboxOptions...)        ⋯⋯    }    // endpoint joins into sandbox    joinOptions, err := joinOptions(endpoint)    ⋯⋯    if err := ep.Join(sb, joinOptions...); err != nil {        return "", fmt.Errorf("failed to join sandbox(%v)", err)    }    // update endpoint settings    epInfo := ep.Info()    if epInfo.Gateway() != nil {        endpointConfig.Gateway = epInfo.Gateway().String()    }    if epInfo.GatewayIPv6().To16() != nil {        endpointConfig.IPV6Gateway = epInfo.GatewayIPv6().String()    }    endpoint.ID = ep.ID()    endpointConfig.EndpointID = ep.ID()    endpointConfig.NetworkID = n.ID()    iface := epInfo.Iface()    if iface != nil {        if iface.Address() != nil {            mask, _ := iface.Address().Mask.Size()            endpointConfig.IPPrefixLen = int64(mask)            endpointConfig.IPAddress = iface.Address().IP.String()        }        if iface.MacAddress() != nil {            endpointConfig.MacAddress = iface.MacAddress().String()        }    }    return endpointName, nil}





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Alibaba Cloud

Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends. Alibaba Cloud website:

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