Exploring the Business Advantages of Cloud Security

In a recent report commissioned by Alibaba Cloud, research teams sought to discover what businesses’ greatest concerns when considering a move to the cloud. The resounding response was ‘worries over cloud security’.

Traditionally, IT security has been the domain of onsite employees and teams. Large corporate teams made up of seasoned security professionals who diligently maintain their industry knowledge may succeed in keeping up with the majority of the enormous amounts of new security threats appearing every day. However, a smaller team may struggle to notice, never mind protect against, continuous and more innovative security breaches.

Panda Labs reported detecting 230,000 new malware events every day in 2015. This volume means that even when an onsite security team is large, securing against the sheer numbers of attacks in the wild is extremely difficult. Today, cloud providers can do an even better job of securing networks and applications than onsite teams, applying learnings from one failed attack or detected threat across all the other companies using its products.

Cloud providers are super proactive when it comes to keeping abreast of new vulnerabilities, malware, and threats. Due to the sheer scale of their infrastructure, big data capabilities, security automation, and dedicated teams, they have a much better chance than an onsite team of keeping one step ahead of the hackers. For example, Alibaba Cloud’s customers rely on expansive and dedicated teams of security professionals working around the clock to ensure the safety and security of the thousands of Alibaba Cloud products and services on offer.

Protecting more than 80,000 security sensitive organizations in China and over two million companies worldwide for over a decade gives Alibaba Cloud vast amounts of experience in using the massive amount of network traffic at its disposal to identify security threats and develop solutions. Alibaba Cloud uses its own products, such as MaxCompute and Machine Learning Platform for AI to assist in the monumental task of ensuring the network reliability and security of one of the largest cloud providers in the world.

Alibaba Cloud now offers its customers a wide range of security-specific solutions that enhance the security foundations of its infrastructure, products, and services. Our whitepaper, Smart and Sound with Alibaba Cloud, explores key scenarios, looking at how your technology estate is secure and vital data is safeguarded across:

  • Networks
  • Application Security
  • Operations Security
  • Host Security
  • Cloud Service Security
  • Security Compliance

To read about how to safeguard your technology estate with proven cloud security services, download Smart and Sound with Alibaba Cloud, our whitepaper on cloud security. Learn more about common misconceptions surrounding IT security, compare cloud security with traditional onsite security solutions across multiple scenarios, and understand how Alibaba Cloud continues to innovate with the next generation of security defences.

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