Five Ways Alibaba Cloud OSS Helped DingTalk Cope with Traffic Peaks

Intelligent and Highly Accessible Cloud-based Storage

Question: Why is OSS used?

Scalability of OSS

Question: How can OSS, a stateful product with massive volumes of data stored, be quickly scaled to meet DingTalk business needs?

Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Question: Disaster recovery is critical to infrastructures. How can DingTalk quickly build a disaster recovery system across four provinces based on the OSS disaster recovery capabilities and ensure continuous business operation?

Performance Assurance through Multi-Tenant Segregation

Question: As a shared cloud service by nature, OSS serves many gaming, live streaming, and education customers in China in addition to DingTalk. During the epidemic, the resource demands of many customers have increased sharply. How can OSS ensure that users do not affect each other while sharing the OSS massive resource pool?

High Speed Access to Files and Documents

Question: During the epidemic, many enterprises often work in multiple locations and even across oceans. How can DingTalk ensure quick document sharing and preview?

Bonus: How does DingTalk ensure the simultaneous online migration of 1 billion messages every second?

DingTalk is an IM application, and its core is the messaging system. The messaging system needs to ensure message synchronization and data storage. To ensure that all messages are fully processed in order by the receiving end, a new SN or ID must be set for each message sent by users, and the SN or ID must increase incrementally. A common architecture requires a global auto-increment ID generator, queue service, and historical message data storage service.

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