Flutter Analysis and Practice: Design of the Performance Stability Monitoring Solution

4.2.1 Flutter Performance Stability Goals

  • Page sliding smoothness
  • Page loading time (first meaningful paint + interaction time)
  • Exception rate

4.2.2 Page Sliding Smoothness

Figure 4–6 Implementation Methods

handleBeginFrame: Called by the engine to prepare the framework to produce a new frame.
handleDrawFrame: Called by the engine to produce a new frame.
Figure 4–7 Results

4.2.3 Page Loading Time Comparison Between Native and Weex Page Loading Algorithms

Figure 4–8
Figure 4–9
Figure 4–10 Implementation of Flutter

Figure 4–11 Results

4.2.4 Exception Rate Definition

Future<Null> main() async {
FlutterError.onError = (FlutterErrorDetails details) async {
Zone.current.handleUncaughtError(details.exception, details.stack);

runZoned<Future<Null>>(() async {
runApp(new HomeApp());
}, onError: (error, stackTrace) async {
await _reportError(error, stackTrace);
} Results

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