Flutter Analysis and Practice: Evolution and Innovation of Flutter-Based Architecture

5.1.1 Advantages and Challenges of Flutter

Figure 5–1
  • If Flutter is added to an existing app, how do we seamlessly connect native and Flutter while maintaining the isolation of development?
  • If you use existing native UI components in the Flutter container, how can you ensure the seamless connection and high performance under the different rendering mechanisms of Flutter and native?

5.1.2 Architecture Evolution and Innovation of Xianyu Existing Apps and Flutter Container

Figure 5–2 Flutter Pages and Native UIs

Figure 5–3
  • How can we provide standards as a reference to ensure code consistency
  • How can we effectively break down complex businesses into sub-problems
  • How can we ensure that more developers get started quickly and write code with good performance and stability
Figure 5–4
Figure 5–5
Figure 5–6

5.1.3 Application of Development Intelligence on Xianyu

Figure 5–7
Figure 5–8
  • Standardized evolution of Flutter’s upper-layer infrastructure: This determines whether the hybrid project system can complete a comprehensive architecture like Spring Boot on the upper layer, and help more Flutter teams solve the problems of difficulty getting started and lack of industry standards.
  • Extension of dynamic capabilities: This helps to improve the operational efficiency of businesses and ensures business efficiency when the standards of the app stores are met. Xianyu’s current dynamic solution combines dynamic component capabilities with tool chain systems for Fish Redux scalability.
  • Fish Redux + UI2CODE: This streamlines code generation and business frameworks, ensuring that the UI work is completed by machines according to the unified team standards.
  • Flutter + FaaS: This allows client developers to be full-stack engineers: The integrated front-end and back-end architecture design can greatly reduce collaboration and improve efficiency.

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