Flutter+Serverless: An End-to-end R&D Architecture

  1. A large amount of collaboration between different roles reduces the overall R&D efficiency.
  2. The mobile team does not need to dig deep into specific business process, and the server team has no time to accumulate experience and data from underlying fields.

R&D Architecture Evolution

Technical Solution for Cloud and Device Integration

Integration Practices on the Order Confirmation Page

Sample Code

Benefits of Flutter+Serverless Integration

Conclusion and Prospects

  • Further R&D experience improvement required at the FaaS layer: Debugging information can only be viewed through GAIA logs. In the future, we plan to capture platform logs locally and provide a remote debugging function based on FaaS code.
  • O&M cost increase: The work of problem locating, request processes, stress testing, and safe production is transferred, and we need to reduce the differences with services

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