FoodPatro: Food Portal for Travelers in Nepal

Foodpatro is a food portal based on Nepalese culture, food recipes, and events. This application is aimed at helping NRN’s and foreigners to see and track events that fall under which Nepalese calendar. This app also helps you learn how to cook Nepalese recipes based on that particular event. This will basically help and promote more about Nepalese cuisine and culture to a global audience.

Target Problems

For instance, let’s talk about Tihar one of the main festivals in Nepal. Tihar is a celebration of lights which is enjoyed sometime in October/ November. In India, it is only celebrated for 1 day, but in Nepal, you will be surprised to hear that this same celebration is expanded to 4–5 days!


FoodPatro is a web portal that is very easy to use. It shows the upcoming events and their food menus and helps those foreigners as well as young Nepalese who are unfamiliar with Nepalese cuisine and cultures based on the calendar, so one can easily view how to prepare and cook that food item related to that event.

Its main features include:

  • A one-stop solution for a traditional food recipe.
  • Features the best recipe submitted by professional & non-professional chiefs.
  • In addition to providing recipes, the app also reflects on the history of where the dish came from.

Along with reminding users of the upcoming festival, it also provides a recommended recipe, and helps to preserve and continue tradition amongst the new generation.

The project is not fully complete and is still in development.

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