From Containers to Cloud Native — Service Mesh

  • Networks are always reliable: Any components and infrastructures may experience failures, especially for very large systems.
  • Latency is negligible and bandwidth is unlimited: During business peak hours, insufficient network resources will cause reduced system stability. During the Double 11 event this year, two of my friends called me and asked me to help deal with a system crash due to network overload.
  • Networks are safe
  • The topology structure will not change
  • Only one administrator is allowed
  • Transmission has zero cost
  • Networks are homogeneous
  • Pilot: responsible for traffic management
  • Mixer: responsible for policy control and telemetry collection
  • Citadel: responsible for communication security
  1. Perform full-service stress tests directly in the production environment and avoid deficient tests due to environment differences.
  2. Test scenarios should match real business scenarios as far as possible: Construct test data based on realistic user access requests. A distributed stress testing platform can simulate traffic during the simulated business peak hours.
  3. Continuously simulate failure scenarios, test the system and team’s response capabilities and improve the automation level.



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