Gaining an API Advantage for Your Business

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APIs are now an integral tool for businesses looking to increase their capacity for innovation, revenue growth and productivity. But, to maximize these benefits, you have to implement a sophisticated API strategy.

What Are APIs?

Instead, developers can focus on creating real business value with a new application — and an API can do all the heavy-lifting by providing the common functionality that’s required.

Companies looking to strengthen their applications with APIs need to consider a range of factors to boost business performance:

Advantage #1: Uniformity Everywhere

This includes a uniformity of architectures to give developers the confidence to use APIs, uniformity of interface specification to allow for efficient communication, uniformity of interaction between all types of resource, and a unified stance on security (more on that later).

This is no mean feat — and automation can help you achieve this.

Advantage #2: Automation Matters

Our API Gateway hosting service provides a range of automated tools to help you achieve this. It provides API definition and publishing, testing, release, and removal. It can generate API and SDK instructions and even has a visualized debugging tool through our free-to-use OpenAPI Explorer service.

Advantage #3: Ensuring Security

Our API Gateway comes with a range of security options as standard, including encryption, authentication, permission management, anti-replay and a variety of other defense options.

What’s more, our Anti-Bot Service provides another layer of targeted security for your APIs and other web applications. It protects against specific vulnerabilities, identifying and filtering automated programs (crawlers) and other malicious traffic without affecting the end-user experience.

In particular, this service protects against a wide range of potential threats that use crawlers such as ticket snatching, credential stuffing, interface abuse and scalping.

Advantage #4: Enabling Reusability

You can even release your APIs on our marketplace where other parties can purchase them.


You can access Alibaba Cloud’s API Gateway here and learn more about Alibaba Cloud’s products and solutions at

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