Getting Started with Kubernetes | Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

CRI Introduction

CRI Implementation


  • The CRI server provides generic interfaces used to create and delete containers.
  • The streaming server provides streaming data interfaces such as exec and port-forward.

Container Lifecycle Management Through the CRI

  • Kubelet calls the RunPodSandbox interface to create a pod container to store container-related resources, such as the network space, PID space, and process space.
  • Kubelet calls the CreatContainer interface to create a business container in the pod container space.
  • Kubelet calls the StartContainer interface to start the container. The interfaces used to destroy containers are StopContainer and RemoveContainer.

CRI Streaming Interface

CRI Implementations

  • CRI-containerd
  • CRI-O
  • PouchContainer @alibaba



Related Tools

  • crictl
  • critest
  • Performance tools



  • The CRI is intended to decouple the container runtime from Kubernetes.
  • CRI implementations include CRI-O and CRI-containerd.
  • cri-tools are used for CRI debugging, and critest is used for CRI testing.

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