Getting Started with Serverless: What Is Function Compute and How Does It Work?

What Is Function Compute?

Core Competencies of Function Compute

1. Agile Development

  • Function Compute allows you to focus on developing your business logic and writing important code.
  • Function Compute frees you from maintenance work, such as server purchase, load balancing, and auto scaling.
  • Function Compute greatly simplifies the service building process and accelerates development and iteration.

2. Auto Scaling

  • Function Compute automatically scales up based on the number of requests, with no manual configuration required.
  • Function Compute schedules computing resources within milliseconds to easily cope with traffic peaks.

3. High Availability

  • Function compute supports distributed clustered deployment in multiple zones.
  • Function Compute quickly fails over to the infrastructure in other zones in the same region as the current zone if the current zone crashes due to a natural disaster or power failure, ensuring high service availability.

4. Cost-effectiveness

  • Function Compute provides flexible billing methods to reduce costs in various scenarios.
  • Function Compute provides the pay-as-you-go mode, allowing you to be billed based on the actual computing resources you use and increasing resource utilization to as high as 100%.
  • Function Compute also provides the subscription mode, allowing you to purchase computing resources in advance based on the estimated business load and reduce the costs, especially when the pay-as-you-go mode and the subscription mode are used together.

Function Compute Scenarios

  • Web applications: These applications can be written in various languages. Web applications can be new programs written using the serverless framework or existing applications. For example, it can be the backend of a Mini Program or a web API.
  • Applications that require highly scalable computing power: These applications can be used for AI inference, audio and video processing, and image-to-text conversion.
  • Event-driven applications: These applications can be web hooks and scheduled tasks in scenarios driven by other Alibaba Cloud products.

How Does Function Compute Work?

1. Call Trace

2. Call Methods

3. Function Execution

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