Go 2019 Survey Report (Including Go Map Download)

  • The demographics of the respondents were similar to Stack Overflow’s survey respondents, which increases our confidence that these results are representatives of the larger Go developer community.
  • A majority of respondents use Go every day, and this number is trending upward each year.
  • Go is still mainly used by tech companies, but Go is increasingly found in a wider range of industries, such as finance and media.
  • As in the past, Go is still primarily used for building API/RPC services and command-line interfaces (CLIs.)
  • Almost everyone in the Go ecosystem is now using modules, but there is still some confusion surrounding package management.
  • High-priority areas for improvement include improving the developer experience for debugging, working with modules, and working with cloud services.
  • VS Code and GoLand have continued to see increased use, and they are now the preferred choice of 3 out of 4 respondents.

Developer Background

1. Time Using Go

2. Experience with Other Languages

Development Areas

Development Environment

Cloud Development

Attitudes about the Go Language

Go Community Atmosphere

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