Go Global with Machine Translation

The amazing power of the Internet means that your company’s online presence is available instantly to anyone in the world. The problem, of course, is that not everyone in the world speaks the same language, so you need to be able to translate your content for international audiences.

Machine translation can play a big part in this. It can enable your sales and support departments to receive and understand enquiries from customers in other markets. It gives your own staff the ability to access important research, conference presentations and documentation that they would not otherwise be able to understand. It allows user-generated content on your website, such as reviews and comments, to be accessible to a much wider audience. It lets you publish descriptions of your products and services to millions more potential customers.

When you need easy access to a machine translation service, Alibaba Cloud offers just what you’re looking for with the machine translation service. It’s available via a standard REST API and can typically translate a sentence in around 100 milliseconds. For developers who wish to integrate the service into a software product or application, a complete SDK is also available.

Getting Started

Pricing is kept simple. Your first million characters each month are free of charge. Additional usage can be billed via pay-as-you-go, at USD $33 per million characters. You can save money by paying in advance for a “resource package”, which reduces the price by more than 50 percent and is valid for a year from the date of purchase. Resource packages are available in quantities from just 1 million characters, so it makes sense to buy one from the start instead of using pay-as-you-go.

You can try Machine Translation for free, straight from your web browser without any programming. Log into your Alibaba Cloud account and head to https://www.alibabacloud.com/products/machine-translation . Click on the Buy Now button and then on the Activate Service button, then follow the instructions to enable the service on your account. Now just head to the Machine Translation page from the list of products and click on Demo. From here you can choose an edition (general or e-commerce), the source and destination languages, and up to 2,000 characters of text to translate. Just enter or paste the text, click the Translate button and the translated text will appear almost instantly.

Above the Demo link, on the product page in your console, is a Monitoring Statistics link. From here you can keep track of your usage of the service, by number of API calls and the number of characters translated, for any date period.

For further information, and to try Alibaba Cloud machine translation for yourself, visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/products/machine-translation

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