Goodbye Oracle! Exclusive Insights into PrestoMall’s Transition to Alibaba Cloud

Why Did PrestoMall Stop Using Oracle?

Choosing the Best Option

  1. Use a commercial database product other than Oracle, such as IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server.
  2. Use an open-source database product, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  3. Continue using their Oracle databases and renewing the license when it was due.
  1. How compatible would the selected database system be with the existing Oracle databases?
  2. Would the existing local deployment solution be able to be retained or would a cloud-based migration solution need to be implemented?
  3. How intense would the migration process be and how long would it take?
  4. Is there sufficient technical support to adopt the new technical solution?
  • Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for PolarDB is somewhat of a unicorn in the database management systems of the world. It is a distributed, cloud-native database system that was independently developed by Alibaba Cloud. The service was developed with high demand industries like the gamming industry and e-commerce in mind. PolarDB is fully compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and also highly compatible Oracle syntax.
  • Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS) is a migration tool that supports data communication among RDBMS, NoSQL, OLAP, and other data sources, incorporating the data migration, subscription, and synchronization process all together.
  • Alibaba Cloud’s Advanced Database and Application Migration (ADAM) service supports the complete and comprehensive migration of Oracle-based systems.
  • First, cloud migration can easily adapt to future business development. Previously, PrestoMall used locally hosted Oracle database systems. By moving to Alibaba Cloud with its database solution of ApsaraDB for PolarDB, the company could start to take advantage of the elastic scalability that cloud database systems have to offer meaning that they could in turn request resources on demand, responding to sudden changes in business. This, of course, is the best possible solution for an e-commerce enterprise.
  • Second, the migration cost is optimal. Here cost not only refers to the monetary costs related to using database resources after migration but also includes the migration process in all of its complexity, including code modification and migration time, among other things. Through a thorough investigation, it was found that ApsaraDB for PolarDB was highly compatible with Oracle database systems, and therefore all the associated migration costs could be reduced significantly.
  • Third, risks are controllable and technical support was guaranteed.

Migration Process

  • Step 1. Select an alternative to Oracle. The previous section described the selection process in detail, so it will not be described here.
  • Step 2. Make it possible to migrate from Oracle. This involves decoupling from Oracle databases and upgrading the business IT architecture to achieve greater business flexibility.
  • Step 3. Transform your business. This is the most difficult part for all customers who want to move away from Oracle. The two major challenges for business transformation are workload evaluation and compatibility.
  • Step 4. Migrate data. This not only ensures consistency between full and incremental data, but also ensures data backflow capability so that data can flow back and forth freely.
  • Step 5. Test and fine-tune the new database. Although PolarDB is compatible with Oracle, they are two products with different product features. Therefore, further debugging is required after migration.
  • Step 6. Perform cutover and provide support. Two weeks of support from Alibaba technical experts was available after the cutover and launch is completed.


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