Guanghua School of Peking University and Alibaba Cloud Jointly Released the “List of Ten Major Trends of the 2020 Digital Economy”

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By Suchen, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Research and Strategy Advisory Department

Each Trend Represents a Future that is Taking Place

In 2020, the “Digital Intelligence Era” is speeding up. How does digitalization change people’s lives, refresh the outlook of industries, and restructure the governance of governments now and in the future?

With three major fields and ten major trends from Digital Life, Digital Industry, and Digital Governance, the Trend List of “Digitalization Billboard” brings together the academic research achievements of Guanghua’s research team. From the perspective of the Alibaba economy, the team outlines a digital world with insight, experience, and exploration value toward the whole industry and the general public.

At this ceremony, Guanghua School and Alibaba Cloud also jointly released the “Sky and Cloud Digital Ecosystem Program,” which is dedicated to combining classic digital transformation research from enterprises with cutting-edge practices. Through joint case research and development, special topics, and new media promotion, the Program aims at deeply constructing the cognition of the Chinese government and enterprises on digital transformation and promoting the process of digital transformation.

Digital Life

Trend 1: The Rise of Multi-Center and “Distributed” Commerce Makes Digital Consumption “Ubiquitous.”

Trend 2: “Remote Communication” Has Become the New Normal with Many People Turning to Online Platforms Simultaneously.

Trend 3: A Large Number of Crossed Scenarios Appear in the Digital Field and Content-Oriented Consumption Scenarios Erupt.

In a word, people’s consumption will not simply return from online to offline after the pandemic is under control. On the contrary, digitalization will become a part of people’s daily life. How can we integrate online services and offline scenarios, combine different scenes, and better meet people’s evolving consumption needs? These are urgent problems and the main reasons for the digital transformation of enterprises.

Digital Industry

Trend 4: The First Year of “New Infrastructure” Initiates Integration of New and Traditional Infrastructure, Creating the New Value Network.

Trend 5: Full-Domain Data Integration Reconstructs Enterprise Operation Models.

Trend 6: Intelligent Scenarios Erupt, Creating New Product Forms and Business Models.

Trend 7: Financial Services Enter Various Life and Production Scenarios and Further Upgrade from “Internet Plus.”

From the Internet to the Internet of Things (IoT), China has been from exploring and following to applying and leading the way, constantly tapping into the technological dividends in the Digital Economy Era. It is also because of the rising of the “New Infrastructure” and the integration of full-domain data that intelligent scenarios can achieve breakthroughs in many fields and the digital economy can be so impressive.

Digital Governance

Trend 8: Transformation from Fragmented Works to Overall Intelligent Governance

For example, through an online service platform called “Zheliban”, people in Zhejiang province can get more than 500 services at home, such as inquiring about social security funds, applying for medical insurance cards, and handling birth certificates. The society is like a big network. There used to be many nodes in the network and every node must be reached for going through formalities. Now, these nodes are connected through scientific and technological means, so any formality can be completed in just a single step. In the past few years, the Chinese government has promoted “Internet Plus Government Services” and improved the accessibility, efficiency, and quality of government services with the help of the Internet, so the public can feel more satisfied. With the ability to complete the processes in a single step in Zhejiang province, and the “approval in seconds” and online approval in Guangdong province, Jiangsu province, and other places are all using the Internet to reshape government services and realize the transformation from fragmented works to overall intelligent governance.

Trend 9: The Transformation from Imperative Governance to New Collaborative Governance of Government, Society, and Individuals

Trend 10: Production and Governance Begin to Integrate with Precise Online Services for Enterprises Becoming a Focus of Governance.

With the help of science and technology, efficient Digital Governance has become more popular, and people’s ever-growing needs for a better life have been solved.

“Guanghua School of Management — Alibaba Cloud Sky and Cloud Digital Ecosystem Program” Has Officially Released

The Program is dedicated to combining classic digital transformation research from enterprises with cutting-edge practices to promote the digital transformation of the Chinese government and enterprises. According to the Program, both parties will rely on the Digital Ecosystem Program to jointly conduct benchmark enterprise visits and in-depth surveys on “industrial analysis, enterprise digital transformation, digital organization, and leadership.” They will work together to develop cutting-edge cases of digital transformation in China and explore innovative digital case forms. They will also work together to develop digital transformation courses and create communities for high-end professionals’ communication about digital innovation.

Appendix: “List of Ten Major Trends of 2020 Digital Economy”

Zhang Ying, Vice President and Professor of Marketing Strategy and Behavioral Science, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Lei Ying, Professor of Department of Marketing, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Wang Chong, Professor of Department of Management Science and Information Systems, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Yi Xiwei, Professor of Department of Organization and Strategic Management, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

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