Guanghua School of Peking University and Alibaba Cloud Jointly Released the “List of Ten Major Trends of the 2020 Digital Economy”

Each Trend Represents a Future that is Taking Place

Digital Life

Trend 1: The Rise of Multi-Center and “Distributed” Commerce Makes Digital Consumption “Ubiquitous.”

Trend 2: “Remote Communication” Has Become the New Normal with Many People Turning to Online Platforms Simultaneously.

Trend 3: A Large Number of Crossed Scenarios Appear in the Digital Field and Content-Oriented Consumption Scenarios Erupt.

Digital Industry

Trend 4: The First Year of “New Infrastructure” Initiates Integration of New and Traditional Infrastructure, Creating the New Value Network.

Trend 5: Full-Domain Data Integration Reconstructs Enterprise Operation Models.

Trend 6: Intelligent Scenarios Erupt, Creating New Product Forms and Business Models.

Trend 7: Financial Services Enter Various Life and Production Scenarios and Further Upgrade from “Internet Plus.”

Digital Governance

Trend 8: Transformation from Fragmented Works to Overall Intelligent Governance

Trend 9: The Transformation from Imperative Governance to New Collaborative Governance of Government, Society, and Individuals

Trend 10: Production and Governance Begin to Integrate with Precise Online Services for Enterprises Becoming a Focus of Governance.

“Guanghua School of Management — Alibaba Cloud Sky and Cloud Digital Ecosystem Program” Has Officially Released

Appendix: “List of Ten Major Trends of 2020 Digital Economy”

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