Guidelines for Transforming from a Monolithic Architecture to a Serverless Architecture

  • What is a cloud-native application
  • The key elements of a cloud-native application
  • What is serverless computing
  • How serverless reduces technical complexity
  • Means of production: Data is a key factor of production. Enterprises have to deal with the high uncertainty that arises from constantly changing needs and risks.
  • Relations of production: This is a data-centric concept that does not change with processes and rules. The network effect frees relations of production from spatiotemporal limits. Multiple connection methods drive the development of new businesses and varieties.
  • Strategic planning: Decisions are made based on data to quickly deal with uncertain business environments.
  • Growth curves: Digital technology enables us to reach a large number of users, leading to explosive growth.

The Key Elements of a Cloud-native Application

1. Microservices Model

Differences between the monolithic architecture and microservices model

2. Application Containerization and Serverless

3. Agile Application Delivery Process

Serverless Computing

1. Alibaba Cloud Function Compute

  • Seamless integration with the cloud: Function Compute is seamlessly integrated with various cloud services in an event-driven manner. This means you can focus on function development because event triggering is done by service providers.
  • Real-time auto scaling: Auto scaling for Function Compute is automatically completed by the system in a short time. This capability is applicable to online applications.
  • Billing in subseconds: Resources are billed in pay-as-you-go mode at an interval of less than one second. This avoids resource waste.
  • High availability: The Function Compute platform is deeply optimized to help you build highly available applications.
Schematic diagram of the capabilities provided by Function Compute

2. Simple and High-availability Design: Cloud-Native Applications through Serverless

Schematic diagram of the high-availability capabilities provided by Function Compute
Schematic diagram of the multi-zone disaster recovery capabilities provided by Function Compute
Flowchart of asynchronous event processing by Function Compute
Schematic diagram of an agile application delivery process
Schematic diagram of an automated application delivery pipeline

Case Studies


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