Harness the True Potential of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence with AI 3.0

The Grid Agents Platform

An agent is a computing system. It can operate in a dynamic and unpredictable multi-agent system with flexible, distributed and self-determined operations. For example, in 2008, we worked with ConEdison to model the electric grid of entire Manhattan. We built Grid Agents and virtualized many aspects of automating the electricity delivery. We installed numerous Grid Edge modules (such as transformers, switches, inverters, surge protectors, distributed power grids, and power systems in buildings). We successfully virtualized many smart grid modules. This system automatically provides advance power outage notification to building owners if it detects any overheated underground transformer in the area. We were also able to trigger automatic shutdowns before a transformer would reach a critical condition. This prevented frequent transformer replacements.

  1. Common agreements
  2. Stability
  3. Operationality in uncertain systems.

Hashgraph Makes the Difference

As we learned from the Swirlds’ team, Hashgraph is the future of the Internet and distributed technology. Hashgraph is designed to be a uniform data structure that replaces blockchains. As described on their website, a serverless distributed platform built on Hashgraph will give the following characteristics to a blockchain:

  1. Extremely fast transaction: formal result in real time.
  2. Fairness: proved by rigid mathematical models and timestamps. It will provide a fairness that individuals cannot alter.
  3. Security: bank-level security (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant) prevents unwanted transactions from forming or achieving consensus.
  4. Unique: Hashgraph uses virtual voting and gossiping to reach a consensus instead of POW or POS, which our results show is quite effective.
  5. Based on the experienced team and investors behind Hashgraph, and its agile organization, we believe that Hashgraph will be the rule maker in blockchain industry.
  1. Edge Computing emphasizing software-defined network security.
  2. Secure electricity system and energy exchange.
  3. Military intelligence (DOD).
  4. Supply chain operations with Internet security.
  5. Medical supply chain, with identity management and tracing.


Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and M2M interactions hold massive business value, but not without their challenges. Hashgraph provides an ideal approach to overcome these challenges and embrace emerging technologies. Hashgraph, holds the potential to be the future of distributed technology by combining all the advantages of AI, machine learning, and blockchain.



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