Helsinki: Capital of AI-Driven Intelligence

By Kenny Ding, Director of Business Development at Eficode

Alibaba is the main partner of Europe’s leading DevOps event, DEVOPS 2018, which will bring industry leaders to Helsinki from 13–14 December 2018.

It’s no surprise that Machine Learning is an essential part of a successful DevOps practice. The sheer volume of data produced in DevOps processes demand careful analysis and Machine Learning is uniquely capable to enable process optimisation.

DevOps, Machine Learning, and AI are intertwined. At DEVOPS 2018 they will join forces under the umbrella theme: ‘How can we impact decision making with AI?’

Wanli Min, Chief Scientist at Alibaba Cloud, commented on the theme earlier this year: ‘Intelligent leadership is critical for digital transformation in the view of Artificial Intelligence.

Alibaba Cloud’s Commitment to DevOps

DevOps is nothing new. For years, IT organizations have realised the need to create a new and merged operational model. The DevOps methodology includes application development, speed-to-delivery, iterations based on user demands and lower costs for development, testing, deployment, and operations.

Agile development and DevOps both require immediate infrastructure availability and Cloud caters to this in the most quintessential form. Hosting DevOps on Cloud can help organisations evolve from a reactive to a proactive approach.


At DEVOPS 2018, Alibaba Cloud will host technical workshops for participants and demonstrate the use of Alibaba Cloud’s (Kubernetes) Container Service and the Cloud Foundry by SUSE. The workshops will cover operations such as cluster creation, service deployment and updates. We look forward to introducing Alibaba Cloud’s container service and automatic scaling capability to the world’s brightest DevOps and AI stars from around the world, in Helsinki. Read more about the workshops on the DEVOPS 2018 technical workshop page.

Xuan Jin, Alibaba Cloud European Head of Cloud Architecture, will also be speaking about ET Brain, giving an in-depth account of the complex business and social problems ET Brain’s ultra-intelligence can tackle.

Come meet Alibaba’s experts and discuss topics with us and other industry leaders in the beautiful Nordic city of Helsinki from 13–14 December, and spread the word. Tickets are selling out fast.

Make sure your team is at DEVOPS 2018 and join the global discussion about AI, leadership, and DevOps!

AI talks by Industry Leaders at DEVOPS 2018

  1. Augmenting, Automating and Amplifying DevOps with AI by Diego Lo Giudice, Chief Analyst at Forrester. Supercharge DevOps with AI! How do you make maximum impact with AI in software development and IT delivery? Where do you get the necessary data and which parts of the software development pipeline can be improved with AI?

DEVOPS 2018 is organised by Alibaba Cloud’s strategy partner Eficode, a leading Northern European company for DevOps, software, and automation.


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