High-Performance DPDK-based Server Load Balancing for Alibaba Singles’ Day Shopping Festival

DPDK-based Alibaba Server Load Balancer

Traffic Sources for Alibaba Server Load Balancers

DPDK-based SLB for the November 11 (Singles’ Day) Shopping Festival

  1. How do we use the drastically fluctuating data model to provide stable services?
  2. How do we provide a highly available service to handle device and network exceptions that may occur at any time?
  3. How do we implement version upgrades and disaster recovery without affecting instance services?

High-Performance Load Balancing Service

Based on the DPDK platform, high-performance SLB utilizes the optimization of the DPDK platform and creates the lightweight and efficient data forwarding plane. In the forwarding plane, no interruptions, preemptions, system calls, or locks are encountered. CPU cache misses are reduced by aligning to the core data structure “cache line”. TLB misses are reduced by using hugepage. Delay time of CPU access across NUMA is reduced by applying NUMA to key data structure. The principle of separating the control plane from the forwarding plane is also applied to applications’ processing logic. This ensures the efficiency and lightweight of the forwarding plane by minimizing packet-related events that the forwarding plane needs to handle and having tasks (such as complex management operations, scheduling, and statistics) done on the control plane.

Impact-Free Disaster Recovery and Upgrades



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Alibaba Cloud

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