How Alibaba Built a Smart Office Ecosystem in the Insurance Industry

Empowering New Technologies

Coinciding with China’s widespread technological development, China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd., has constantly explored and innovated technologies.

Revitalizing the Collaboration System Online

The first quarter of every year is a critical period for insurance companies to generate income. During this period, China Pacific’s field-work team conducts frequent offline visits and develops business. The team members clock in, receive sales tasks, communicate with customers, and provide solutions to customers’ problems. However, all routine work was stopped during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Migrating the Organizational Structure to the Cloud

Within the trend towards technological empowerment, the core value chain of the insurance industry is being changed by new technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, and AI. Security threats have always been an obstacle for the financial industry.

Onsite discussion on the project security solution, attended by the China Pacific team


In summary, China Pacific Insurance, Co., Ltd, revitalized their collaboration system to create vital support for business operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. China Pacific and Alibaba Cloud will cooperate on research and development of custom functions, new function testing, and data interoperability. They will leverage technologies to improve the management of the field work team and transform internal processes. Together with Alibaba Cloud, China Pacific will bring its business to the Internet and cloud computing space in China, blazing a trail for the insurance industry in building a digital office ecosystem.

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