How Alibaba Cloud E-commerce Solutions Empower Retailers in the Fight against Coronavirus

Catch the webinar, Extend Your Retail Business with Alibaba Cloud E-Commerce Solution for Retail, to learn how you can leverage Alibaba Cloud’s E-Commerce Solution for Retail to rapidly launch an e-commerce platform, in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Traditional retail enterprises are now facing unprecedented challenges due to the restrictions imposed by the recent coronavirus epidemic. The global retail industry has especially been hit hard by the widespread outbreak of the novel coronavirus, with businesses encountering a variety of challenges including limited access to supplies, decreasing consumer demand and foot traffic. Retailers are in urgent need of a digital enterprise platform and ready-to-deploy e-commerce system to continue growing their businesses despite the uncertainty.

Shoppers have turned to online retail to avoid public gatherings and retail enterprises are becoming fully aware of the significance of online channels. However, migrating a retail business to e-commerce can be challenging without the proper tools and technologies.

Alibaba Cloud E-commerce Solution for Retail

The Alibaba Cloud e-commerce solution for retail provides a set of out-of-the-box Alibaba Cloud products and solutions in computing, databases, multimedia and video livestreaming, collaboration, and security and data analytics to help retailers to rapidly launch an e-commerce business. There is an increased demand for e-commerce solutions since the coronavirus outbreak due to the rapidly changing retail environment.

A demo of utilizing cloud technology to track and monitor the statistics of the public health crisis.

How We Can Help

Alibaba Cloud allows you to implement this solution from a completely remote way with world class quality support and assistance. You can conduct resource planning, cloud deployment, cloud platform delivery, and cloud operation trainings from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, Alibaba Cloud is now giving out the e-commerce solution for free for 3 months. This program is intended to support organizations and businesses affected by coronavirus disease (COVID-19), or those who are in the process of working on projects to fight against and cope with the epidemic in their region and local communities. Eligible organizations will also be offered $1000 cloud credits on top of the 3-month free usage.

Customer Success Story: Cosmetics Company Lin Qingxuan

Lin Qingxuan, a cosmetics company based in China, was one of many brands severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Having to temporarily close half its store locations, coupled with a drastic decline in physical store traffic, Lin Qingxuan’s sales plummeted by 90% during the 2020 Chinese New Year shopping season.

However, with the help of Alibaba Cloud’s e-commerce solutions, Lin Qingxuan was able to transform its business model. By leveraging DingTalk, Lin Qingxuan’s shopping advisors can offer personalized customer service online. The company also began hosting livestreaming sessions to recommend products and increase engagement. The livestreaming on Valentine’s Day attracted over 60,000 viewers and sold out more than 400,000 bottles of camellia oil.

Alibaba Cloud’s e-commerce solutions helped Lin Qingxuan quickly kick off digital transformation and implement omnichannel customer service, which helped the company achieve great accomplishments during this difficult time.

If you are interested to learn how you can leverage Alibaba Cloud’s E-Commerce Solution for Retail to rapidly launch an e-commerce platform, we would encourage you to watch the webinar: Extend Your Retail Business with Alibaba Cloud E-Commerce Solution for Retail

While continuing to wage war against the worldwide outbreak, Alibaba Cloud will play its part and will do all it can to help others in their battles with the coronavirus. Learn how we can support your business continuity at

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