How Alibaba Cloud Helped Ping++ Complete Millions of Transactions Every Day

Overcoming the Challenges of Massive Transaction Volumes

Ping++ provides a unified SDK interface to its cloud payment processing system that allows merchants to make transaction requests through third-party payment channels. The merchant can initiate the transaction by calling an SDK interface, storing records including payment time, amount, and method in a database. Transaction volume in today’s word is massive, often reaching millions of transactions a day. One can answer the questions of how to enable customers through data, adding value, and improving customer loyalty in two words: Big Data. Thus, Ping++ recently found itself in urgent need of a stable, reliable Big Data platform. It had to overcome the following challenges when setting up its Big Data platform:

  1. Storage: A data warehouse is used to store massive amounts of payment order data.
  2. Computing: ETL data cleaning, statistical summary, and data analysis are all performed in mass.
  3. BI: Data monitoring indicators are generated to display data quality and trends visually.
  4. Machine Learning: Models are trained and forecast for every situation.

How Ping++ Chose Its a Public Cloud Service Provider

As mentioned above, building a Big Data platform that meets all of the requirements can be costly and time consuming. As Ping++ is itself a third-party service provider and adheres to the philosophy that professional personnel do professional things, it hoped to solve the issue through other third-party services. Therefore, Ping++ planned to use a public cloud Big Data platform from the very beginning. “We believe that a new company with a small team is often better off taking advantage of cloud services to save time and money. It allows us to spend more of our energy on developing great applications and services.” said Xia Sumin, Big Data Director of Ping++.

Ping++’s Solution and Architecture

Ping++ was able to make the following innovations by analyzing swaths of transaction data on Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data platform:

  1. MaxCompute (formerly ODPS): Ping++ uses MaxCompute as its data warehouse. The current data warehouse includes more than 630 data tables, including the original base table, ETL results table, and upper-layer ADM application data market table.
  2. DataIDE: In DataIDE, the DAG scheduling system is used to support more than 140 nodes that run routinely every day. Provided logging, alarm functions, and data supplement facilitate the daily operation and maintenance. The Alibaba Cloud sub-accounts and Big Data platform constitute a permission system that is driven by a multi-role, multi-platform model.
  3. Quick BI: It allows users to create graphic representations of different indicators. Quick BI offers over 10 different charts to aid data quality monitoring and decision making.
  4. Machine Learning: Its in-built algorithm library simplifies graphic modeling of large data sets, machine learning classification, and text segmentation.
  5. Storing and Retrieving Results: Data smart tables stored in MaxCompute primarily comprise of summarized, desensitized data. The main reason for using AnalyticDB is that it possesses powerful computing capability that enables real-time analysis of retrieved data. MySQL database stores Forecast and analysis results of machine learning for retrieval analysis.
  6. Application: BI marketing system and internal monitoring.

How Did Alibaba Cloud Big Data Help Ping++

One-stop Big Data Solution: Alibaba Cloud Big Data platform provides Ping++ with a complete set of one-stop Big Data solutions. It offers enterprise data warehouses, BI, machine learning, and data visualization that help make Ping++ more agile, smarter, and more insightful. Alibaba Cloud Big Data platform features an integrated development environment that covers the entire Big Data chain. This includes data importing, search, development, ETL, scheduling, deployment, modeling, BI reporting, and machine learning to service development, release, and external data exchange. The solution helped Ping++ to avoid having to reinvent the wheel simply to solve problems that the entire industry is facing.


I hope this blog helped you understand how Alibaba Cloud Big Data solution offers a gamut of services to ensure a secure, cost-effective, and reliable Big Data platform.



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