How Can Blockchain Technology Improve Cloud Storage?

By Jitendra Bhojwani

In recent years, cloud storage has emerged as the preferred option for more and more businesses owing to its flexibility, capacity, and easy data access. Moreover, reputed cloud storage providers such as Alibaba Cloud offer strong data encryption and other reliable provisions to ensure maximum security. Many companies have shifted their data centers onto the cloud due to high redundancy, load balancing, data integrity, and backup options.

One of the latest trends that are poised to gain momentum is to use Blockchain technology for cloud storage. There are many advantages of Blockchain-based cloud storage and in this blog, we will focus on some of them.

What Is Blockchain-based Cloud Storage?

Let’s look into an unlikely case of some hackers decrypting the data. Even in such scenario, each tedious decryption attempt leads to just a small segment of data being decrypted and not the entire file. The extreme security provisions not only discourage malicious hackers but also make hacking a useless pursuit from a commercial point of view due to extreme efforts required for trivial achievements (and very high probabilities of failures).

Another important thing to consider is that the owners’ data is not stored on the node. It helps owners to retain their privacy. There are strong provisions for load balancing as well.

Perfect Combination of Security and Efficiency

The cloud-based decentralized storage also saves the clients from many security threats. Moreover, the access to encryption keys and un-encrypted files is restricted to the end-users only with the help of client-side encryption. All these factors offer the clients complete control over their diverse data assets.

Prevents Data Tampering

Strong Tracking Provisions


Self Sustainable Mechanism

The use of smart contracts provides a strong technical provision to automatically enforce condition-based rewards and penalties. In short, it can be compared to self-sustainable machinery that can work automatically, independently, and accurately. Instead of residing on a central machine, the Blockchain is equally distributed across many systems that offer its immunity against major attacks.


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