How Can Teams Perform R&D Online and Remotely?


High Visibility and Rapid Connectivity Are the Foundation of Online R&D Collaboration

Internet technology has made interconnection extremely simple

The development of production tools has significantly improved the visibility of the software production process

The evolution of software architectures and deployment methods has been conducive to the division of labor.

Online Project Collaboration

Requirement collaboration starts with the mapping and visualization of end-to-end value flows.

  • Does it reflect the end-to-end delivery process?
  • Can it immediately reflect bottlenecks and problems that affect the value flow?
  • Can you collaborate and make decisions based on this visual information?

Manage the Value Flow and Build a Value Feedback Loop for Better Delivery Control

Limit Online Products and Accelerate the Delivery of Business Solutions

Online Code Collaboration

Code Collaboration Means Collective Code Ownership

Enhance Code Visibility to Facilitate Code Collaboration

  • It promotes the sharing of knowledge within the team, improves the overall capabilities of the team, ensures that the team is working in a unified and standardized manner, and prevents unreadable code.
  • At the same time, the early use of tools increases the discovery rate of potential defects by 30%.
  • Transparent code and group discussions provide encouragement and foster active thinking and the pursuit of excellence.

Code Security

Online Release Collaboration

Enabling Online Release Collaboration through Process Standards and Procedural Improvements

Feature Branches Drive Online Collaboration among People and Roles

Break the Boundary between R&D and O&M with Cloud Native Technology

RDC Empowers One-stop Online R&D Collaboration

  • During the morning meeting, the team aligns requirements and tasks and assigns tasks based on the lean dashboard.
  • Developers write code based on features and create change branches.
  • Developers complete programming in an offline or cloud development environment and then submit the code.
  • Submitting the code automatically triggers a code scan, and the scanned code is sent to the designated code reviewer for review.
  • The code that has been reviewed automatically triggers the integration and release pipeline, which automatically completes building and generates Docker images that are deployed in the development environment, integration environment, and staging environment respectively.
  • After the corresponding verification work is done, the new version enters the pending release status, which triggers the online review process. After the O&M personnel completes the review, the version is released.
  • DingTalk is used to report any problems during the process, following the no news is good news principle. Problems are promptly reported to the appropriate person to allow for accurate feedback, immediate response, and quick correction.
  • The system works to avoid unnecessary SMS communication as excessive noise will reduce the efficiency of collaboration.

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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends. Alibaba Cloud website:

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