How Can Xianyu Achieve Trillion-level GMV Transaction with Cloud Native?

Why Serverless?

  1. The boundaries among client interaction layer, business glue layer, and domain layer on service side are not clearly defined. As a result, even small business demands require the involvement of personnel of the full procedure, resulting in high collaboration costs and long development and debugging cycles.
  2. Huge applications that take a lot of resources exist on the server, and there are serious R&D coupling, release coupling, and O&M coupling. Moreover, system stability is also greatly challenged because a single business problem often affects the entire application.
  3. The O&M cost is extremely high. To ensure the business stability and availability, Alibaba has corresponding regulations and rules for each application to be released. Even if the application is internally used and has only one or two access requests per day, it must comply with existing regulations for release, which will inevitably consume some fixed resources. The resources consumed by a single application of this kind may be limited. However, the accumulated resources consumed by all these applications are no longer small. Meanwhile, for huge applications that can make great impact, more rigorous processes and procedures are required for release. If this is the case, at least 6 hours are required for each release, resulting in high O&M costs.

Practicing While Exploring

1) On-cloud Integrated Programming Framework (Nexus API)

2) Standardized CLI Development Tools

3) BaaS-based Basic Services

4) On-Cloud Project Integration

5) Serverless Transformation of Traditional Huge Applications

Challenges and Solutions

  • Selection of microservices and Serverless
  • Code reuse between functions
  • Unified upgrade of function dependency

Reference and Reflection


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