How Cloud Is Addressing Common Retail Challenges: 8 Steps to a Complete Cloud-based Data Security

  • Digitization — customers now expect digital solutions to help streamline every shopping experience
  • Agility — retailers with the business agility to adapt to ongoing changes in the market are realizing the greatest success,
  • Omnichannel capabilities — customer demand for an online and omni-channel shopping experience will continue to rise in the years ahead, which places retailers under increasing pressure to make sure payments, pricing, promotions, products, gift cards, and order histories are all integrated into one place, within one system
  • Emphasis on community and fragmentation — digitization lowers the barrier of entry for many retailers, allowing small businesses to compete on a global stage
  • Traditional stores are no more — retailers are now responsible for providing a clean and safe in-store environment for their customers. Social distancing measures and other safety considerations are now in place for the vast majority of stores

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