How Companies Use Global Live Streaming to Grow and Adapt

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Technology has helped the world communicate in a myriad of new and intuitive ways. The dawn of live streaming is now helping businesses further break down barriers to connect with employees and customers around the world.

During a Live Video Broadcast, video or audio content is simultaneously recorded and broadcast to an audience in real time.

However, live streaming can present unique technical challenges to your business. You need to build a robust live-streaming ecosystem that provides low latency, jitter-free and smooth transcoding of your streamed information using a high network quality.

At Alibaba Cloud, we offer these features, and more, through a range of live streaming products and services. This includes our Apsara Video Live platform, which provides high-quality transmissions, allowing you to distribute your multimedia content to a large-scale, global audience.

We also have more than 1,300 nodes distributed in more than 70 countries and regions across six continents. Using a range of encryption technologies and anti-leech measures, we also mitigate the risks associated with video bootlegging and broadcasting without the consent of the content owner.

As a result, you can use this live streaming technology to securely grow and adapt your enterprise in many ways. These include:

Employee and Stakeholder Interaction

Likewise, if you are presenting your quarterly or annual sales, you can communicate this information directly with your stakeholders.

Our highly secure Object Storage Service (OSS) can help protect this sensitive corporate information.

Promotions and Content Monetization

If you’re running a corporate event or have any special guest speakers at your office, you could live stream this content to subscribers, allowing you to charge a fee for this exclusive content.

To help manage any peaks in demand, our Server Load Balancer (SLB) can distribute traffic and minimize downtime on your network, and our Content Delivery Network (CDN) can also accelerate your content distribution.

E-commerce and Education

Live streaming is also the perfect platform for online communication between teachers and students. You could, for example, remotely train your staff or run a wider program of interactive webinars for your customers.

Social Communication

ApsaraVideo Live, for example, recently integrated with the Changba social media platform to allow amateur musicians to live stream their music.

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