How Did the Database Administrators at Alibaba Cloud Handle a Potential 40-fold Increase in DingTalk Traffic?

Challenges for the Databases

The Response

Talent Organization

Emergency Resource Coordination

Emergency Response and Optimization

  • Parameter downgrading: Adjusted database parameters to optimize database capabilities and improve throughput.
  • Resource downgrading: Adjusted resource limits, released CPU isolation, and increased database BP size.

Database Capacity Estimation and Performance Analysis

  • The stress test data set was usually relatively small compared with the total database volume, which meant that database hit rate was basically 100%. This is not suitable for analyzing I/O heavy business models.
  • High costs. The entire chain, including both the upstream and downstream channels, needed to be involved, which involved a large number of people.
  • A comprehensive stress test only hits several core database interfaces, but we needed to cover all interfaces that were online because many performance-impacting SQL states can come from those ignored interfaces.


Talent Organization

Technology and Architecture

Emergency Measures

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