How Digital Badges Provide a Sporting Advantage

Simple to Use

The Digital Badge system simplifies the management of sporting events, allowing organizers to grant access to individuals with ease. You don’t need to print a paper ticket, removing unnecessary wastage but also reducing the amount of time it takes to check someone into a venue.

Real-Time Updates and Analysis

Our Digital Badge system provides a wealth of data, compared to conventional paper-based tickets. As an event unfolds, organizers can forecast and make real-time decisions to further optimize an event.

Powerful Visualizations

Our Digital Badge system allows sporting organizers to monitor the flow of spectators across their site. This provides many operational benefits, allowing organizers to optimize their spaces and services, and respond to events in real-time.

Robust Security

Our Digital Badge system allows sporting organizers to operate securely. It overcomes the risk of counterfeit tickets and other fraudulent activities, thanks to a range of robust security measures. It combines both digital and physical anti-counterfeiting technologies and provides centralized access control management to organizers.

Health Information

There are further benefits here from a health management perspective, where embedded strategies can be combined with digital accreditation to allow staff to return to work safely, in our post COVID-19 world. What’s more, the Digital Badge solution can identify the potential infection risk to individuals, facilitating a track-and-trace system, if required.

In Conclusion

Alibaba Cloud is working closely with sporting organizers to develop smart solutions for their events to accelerate the digital transformation in this industry. We hope our advanced Digital Badge solution can be applied for seamless accredited visitor access and monitoring during more sporting events soon. If you’d like to find out more about our Digital Badge solution and other Sports Solutions, visit this page.

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