How Digital Badges Provide a Sporting Advantage

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Most sporting events attract global audiences, where thousands of fans travel far and wide to show their support for their favorite teams and athletes.

To manage the flow of so many people and provide the best spectator experience, a paper-based ticket system is not enough. That’s why, at Alibaba Cloud, we have developed our Digital Badge system. In this post, we will explain the operational, user experience, and environmental benefits of our Digital Badge system, compared to paper-based tickets, for world-class sporting events.

Simple to Use

Using the Digital Badge system, you can issue a card within seconds and also issue a card on demand, reducing the inventory issues often associated with paper-based systems. Card holders can also receive card expiration notices and other important notifications, helping organizers manage their Digital Badge systems with ease.

Real-Time Updates and Analysis

Organizers can push important information to spectators using the Digital Badge system. If, for example, the time and location of an event is changed, organizers can easily update this information and send it out across the Digital Badge network. This optimizes the user experience, where every spectator has the most up-to-date information on event availability, and also reduces bottlenecks across such sporting venues.

Organizers can also conduct post-event analyses, allowing them to identify areas of improvement and success. This knowledge transfer is important for future events, providing organizers with valuable insights.

Powerful Visualizations

DataV is a powerful data visualization tool, which can be used in conjunction with our Digital Badge system to show real-time statistics about a sporting event. Using DataV, you can visualize this information with ease, allowing organizers to analyze heatmaps of a site. You could, for example, monitor the total number of visitors, their flow around a site, and other activities in real time with ease thanks to DataV.

Robust Security

Health Information

In Conclusion

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