How Do SMEs Efficiently Develop Software at Home

How to Solve the Problems of Team Communication and R&D Process When Working from Home

The software R&D team encountered two core problems when working from home: team communication and the R&D process. Members of the Apsara DevOps team are distributed throughout multiple cities, and they used to hold online meetings for communication. For this reason, the communication and coordination between the team members were less affected when they began to work from home. However, there were still communication problems among members of subteams. In ordinary times, when members of subteams work in the office, they can handle issues efficiently through face-to-face communication. But this is not possible with remote communication. After more than 10 days of adjustment, we gradually solved this problem and improved the efficiency of communication. This article uses the Apsara DevOps team as an example to demonstrate the differences between working in the office and working from home.

Agile R&D Centered on Iteration

Agile R&D is actually a mature methodology. As the saying goes, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Each R&D team should combine the theory with its own practice and find a set of methods and mechanisms most suitable for the team. Based on the practice of the Apsara DevOps team, we believe that agile R&D should focus on iteration, the key of which is asynchronous communication.

How to Standardize the R&D Process Through Continuous Delivery

This section describes how the Apsara DevOps team standardizes the R&D process through continuous delivery. Continuous integration and continuous delivery are implemented through the pipeline. In addition to the pipeline, we will introduce some distinctive practices adopted by the Apsara DevOps team, including the test environment (isolation of the development environment from the test environment under the microservice architecture to realize cloud-based development), branch management (process-based management on code branches and static configuration items under multi-person R&D collaboration), and production security (software delivery assurance, process standardization, and traceable delivery).

New Version of Apsara DevOps Coming Soon

About Apsara DevOps

Apsara DevOps is an enterprise-level all-in-one DevOps platform based on Alibaba’s advanced management concepts and engineering practices. It aims to be the R&D efficiency engine for digital enterprises. Apsara DevOps provides end-to-end online collaboration services and R&D tools covering the entire lifecycle, from requirement collection to product development, testing, release, maintenance, and operations. Using artificial intelligence and cloud-native technologies, developers can improve their R&D efficiency and continue to deliver valuable products to customers.

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