How Does PolarDB Help Baison Software Solve Database Challenges at Peak Times?

Introduction to Baison Software’s Services

Founded in 2000, Shanghai Baison Software Co., Ltd. (“Baison Software”) is a well-known omni-channel new retail solution provider in China. It provides management consulting and information technology solutions for brand enterprises in a wide variety of fields, such as shoes, sports, home decoration, household chemicals, beauty, jewelry and food. Its solutions cover the omni-channel middleware, retail distribution, supply chain, e-commerce, mobile applications, big data and so on.

Challenges for Baison Software

Baison Software currently serves more than 300,000 physical point-of-sale (POS) stores and more than 20,000 online stores. With increasing business volume and business fluctuations, traditional relational databases are not able to meet Baison Software’s business growth needs. Specifically, the business challenges faced by Baison Software are mainly:

Why Choose Alibaba Cloud PolarDB?

First, Alibaba Cloud PolarDB is easy to use, and is 100% compatible with MySQL. The original application code for MySQL can be run directly on PolarDB without any changes. Second, Alibaba Cloud PolarDB has excellent performance. With a deeply optimized database kernel, it provides 6 times better performance than MySQL. Third, PolarDB adopts a distributed block storage system and file system. This allows it to be easily scaled up to support a data size of up to 100 TB, without being restricted by specifications of single nodes. In addition, Alibaba Cloud PolarDB promises high availability, high reliability, and high data security.

PolarDB’s Read/Write Splitting Session Consistency

PolarDB’s read/write splitting session consistency facilitates omni-channel new-retail transformation. The core technology that enables PolarDB to quickly expand read-only instances is the read/write splitting session consistency. The read/write splitting feature of conventional database solutions only guarantees the final consistency through master-slave replication. The master-slave replication delay usually results in different query results from different nodes. PolarDB has to solve the query result inconsistency without increasing the application development costs and the master node pressure, or compromising the read/write splitting effect. In response to these challenges, PolarDB provides a guarantee of session consistency. The session consistency, or monotonic read consistency to be specific, guarantees that within the same session, after a query returns a result, the subsequent query always returns a newer result. The implementation mechanism is as follows:

Benefits of Using Alibaba Cloud’s Database Solution

With Alibaba Cloud’s database solution, Baison Software’s iSHOP online retail marketplace ensures each transaction can be finished within 1 second even at peak times. This effectively ensures that various promotional activities can be carried out smoothly. In addition, PolarDB allows online transaction data to be stored for 90 days without archiving and cleanup. This provides a wealth of data for subsequent BI analysis of business changes and trends.



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