How Efficient Can Remote R&D Be? Alibaba Released a New Taobao Mobile Version in Five Days

February 25: Remote R&D in One Day

Many industrial partners complain that everything gets messed up after enabling remote R&D and remote office collaboration. However, Alibaba engineers needed only one day to prove the powerful features and technologies of EMAS.

February 26: Automatic Testing and Secure Coverage

R&D and testing are two core tasks in new software version development. R&D personnel ensure that new modules and features are released in a timely manner, and test personnel ensure the version quality.

February 27: Phased Release and Flexible Control

After two days, Alibaba engineers had completed remote R&D and automatic testing. Next, they had to formulate the release plan, which was the most critical step.

Phased Client Release Process

February 28: Easy O&M and Fast Response

After the release scope was gradually expanded, more and more users updated the version. O&M personnel focused on online stability and user feedback for the new version and braced themselves for any unexpected problems.

March 2: Precise Operations and Smart Data

On the fifth day, the project entered the operation phase. Engineers started to prepare for IWD activities. After multiple rounds of verification in the R&D, test, and release phases, they need to analyze user behavior for the upcoming IWD. Due to the epidemic, people are quarantined at home and eager to shop online. How should they classify users? How can they evaluate whether an operation strategy is correct?

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