How I Built a Serverless SaaS Product on Alibaba Cloud

By Alberto Roura, Alibaba Cloud Australia MVP

Cirrus Audit Panel is a multicloud resource optimization SaaS platform targeted to SME businesses. It aims to help IT professionals deal with multiple cloud providers and accounts at the same time, all without worrying too much about the technical jargon. You can see how a Virtual Machine performs and costs within seconds, no matter the provider or account.

Currently supporting Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and DigitalOcean (with many others to follow), this tool is especially useful for APAC companies, as supports the 2 biggest providers in the area, specially Alibaba Cloud as the main player.

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What Problems am I Trying to Solve?

Well, welcome to 2019! The market is not only experiencing a huge growth, there are also new players in the field and millions of on-premises servers are being migrated to the cloud.

The promise of managed resources and the lack of O&M tasks is especially tempting for small companies, so SME are jumping on it as well, but at a cost. SME companies usually can’t afford qualified employees capable of efficiently identifying and optimizing its usage and they end up paying more than what they should. This, added to the high prices of the mentioned optimization tools, makes them unable to really achieve efficiently at all.

So right there is where I was sitting, I needed to develop a platform capable of dealing with thousands of requests but at the same time affordable for small and medium companies. Heck, I even wanted to offer a free plan! That, essentially, meant that the underlying infrastructure capacity needed to adapt precisely and instantly to the demand.

Not an easy task all of a sudden.

What Alibaba Cloud Products Is Cirrus Audit Using?

If you are unaware of what serverless is, keep reading. Serverless is a new computing paradigm in which you can build applications composed of micro-services running as a response to events. Under this model the services automatically scales according to the usage. This means that you only get charged when they are executed in 100ms billing blocks, becoming the most “Pay-As-You-Go” model ever. This reduces the overall cost of maintenance for your apps, enabling you to more on the logic and deploying faster. Read more about serverless and Alibaba Cloud in this special article I wrote.

The following diagram exposes how pieces are connected.

Architecture diagram of Cirrus Audit Panel

What Other Solutions Were Considered?

How Big Is the Team at Cirrus Audit?

How Long Did It Take to Develop the First Public Beta?

Tell Me More about Logging

What Were the Challenges That I Faced?

Wrapping Up

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