How important is caching to a website?

Most people use cloud storage apps, such as Object Storage Service (OSS), for images or other large files. However, cloud storage is not intrinsically limited to a single use case but merely provides a platform for us to solve a wide range of problems. In this article, we will explain how to use Alibaba Cloud OSS to solve the problem of insufficient HTML cache space.

Caching is crucial for websites and can solve most complex performance issues. There are many types of cache, the most common ones being the memory cache and the disk cache (page cache). Memory cache is quicker and is typically used to store critical and hot content, but it cannot be used to store large amounts of data. Disk cache on the other hand is much slower because it employs disk I/O. However, the disk cache can be used for performing complex database queries, processing business logic, and accelerating page loading.

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