How Kubernetes SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba Works

What is SIG Cloud Provider?

Why Did Alibaba Cloud Join SIG Cloud Provider?

1. Work with Global Cloud Providers to Promote Multi-Cloud Standards and Contribute to the Kubernetes Community with Alibaba Cloud Practices

2. Provide Transparency, Controllability, Collaboration, and Smooth Evolution for Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Developers

  • Transparency and controllability: Research-oriented developers can build Kubernetes clusters by using these plug-ins, whereas ACK users can better understand the related implementations.
  • Collaboration: Developers who need to use Kubernetes in Alibaba Cloud computing, network, and storage can raise issues or participate in the development of open-source components and formulation of RoadMap.
  • Smooth evolution: Kubernetes open-source plug-ins of Alibaba Cloud support deployment but impose higher requirements on enterprise O&M, upgrades, and stability control. Smooth evolution to ACK can be implemented to obtain expert services such as continuous upgrade, high-availability guarantee, and correction recommendations.

How Kubernetes SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba Works

  • Slack
  • Bimonthly conference
  • Minutes of conference
  • Google Docs and YouTube
  • Conference languages: Chinese and English

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Products for Kubernetes

Alibaba Cloud Open-Source Suite for Kubernetes










Application Management

Introduction to Some Open-Source Components


Terway: The High-Performance Network Component

CSI: The High-Performance Container Storage Component

Log-Pilot: The High-Performance Log Collector

Arena: The Lightweight Solution for Machine Learning Platform for AI

Welcome to SIG Cloud Provider


  • In exclusive ENI mode, the ENI at the IaaS layer is used as the pod ENI. The host does not support virtualization and DPDK can be used to speed up the application network in a pod. The high-performance IaaS network developed by Alibaba Cloud can be directly used among nodes.
  • In inclusive ENI mode, the lightweight virtualization solution of IPVLAN is used for virtualization in a node with much lower performance degradation than that of the host network.

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