How Kubernetes SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba Works

What is SIG Cloud Provider?

Over the years, more and more enterprises use Kubernetes in their production environments. Kubernetes is widely accepted due to its sound design and prosperous community. So far, there are about 20 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) around Kubernetes. As an important SIG for the Kubernetes community, SIG Cloud Provider is devoted to promoting all cloud vendors to provide Kubernetes services with standard capabilities.

Why Did Alibaba Cloud Join SIG Cloud Provider?

1. Work with Global Cloud Providers to Promote Multi-Cloud Standards and Contribute to the Kubernetes Community with Alibaba Cloud Practices

In the era of full migration to the cloud, enterprises’ IT architecture has been reshaped in the cloud. Cloud-native computing is a set of best practices and methodologies for building scalable, robust, and loosely coupled applications in Alibaba Cloud, Apsara Stack, and multi-cloud environments. This facilitates quick innovation and lower-cost trials.

2. Provide Transparency, Controllability, Collaboration, and Smooth Evolution for Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Developers

We hope to establish the best Kubernetes running environment for Kubernetes developers and users and to provide Alibaba Cloud open-source plug-ins for Kubernetes. Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) also reuses these components.

  • Collaboration: Developers who need to use Kubernetes in Alibaba Cloud computing, network, and storage can raise issues or participate in the development of open-source components and formulation of RoadMap.
  • Smooth evolution: Kubernetes open-source plug-ins of Alibaba Cloud support deployment but impose higher requirements on enterprise O&M, upgrades, and stability control. Smooth evolution to ACK can be implemented to obtain expert services such as continuous upgrade, high-availability guarantee, and correction recommendations.

How Kubernetes SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba Works

  • Slack
  • Bimonthly conference
  • Minutes of conference
  • Google Docs and YouTube
  • Conference languages: Chinese and English

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Products for Kubernetes

Alibaba Cloud Open-Source Suite for Kubernetes










Application Management

Introduction to Some Open-Source Components


CloudController is a cloud controller manager (CCM) of Kubernetes. It can interconnect with basic services of different cloud vendors, including Server Load Balancer (SLB), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) routing, Elastic Compute Service (ECS), and Alibaba Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) services through NodeController, ServiceController, RouteController, and PVLController.

Terway: The High-Performance Network Component

Terway supports Kubernetes CNI specifications and is specially optimized for Alibaba Cloud. It supports multiple enterprise features, including the VPC routing mode, ENI mode, and inclusive ENI mode. Its performance in ENI mode is about 10% higher than that in the native VPC.

CSI: The High-Performance Container Storage Component

The Alibaba Cloud Container Storage Interface (CSI) plug-in enables you to manage the lifecycle of container volumes in Kubernetes, including creating, mounting, and using cloud volumes. The CSI plug-in is implemented based on Kubernetes versions later than V1.14. It supports Alibaba Cloud storage services, such as disks, Apsara File Storage NAS, Cloud Paralleled File System (CPFS), Object Storage Service (OSS), and Logical Volume Manager (LVM.)

Log-Pilot: The High-Performance Log Collector

Log-pilot is used to efficiently collect logs from containers. It can easily collect the standard output logs of containers and dynamically discover and collect log files from containers. In declarative configuration mode, it can automatically detect the status of a container in the cluster to configure the container log collection function. It has many advanced features, such as automatic checkpoint and handle retention, tagging, and tag customization. With these features, log-pilot can flexibly collect and save log data to various log storage backends, such as Elasticsearch, Message Queue for Apache Kafka, Logstash, Redis, and Graylog.

Arena: The Lightweight Solution for Machine Learning Platform for AI

Arena is a lightweight solution for the Machine Learning Platform for AI based on Kubernetes. It supports data preparation, model development, model training, and model prediction throughout the lifecycle, improving the work efficiency of data scientists. The service platform allows data scientists and algorithm engineers to quickly perform data preparation, model development, model training, evaluation, and prediction tasks by using Alibaba Cloud resources. These cloud resources include ECS, Elastic GPU Service, Apsara File Storage NAS, CPFS, OSS, E-MapReduce, and SLB instances. The service platform can also easily transform deep learning capabilities into service APIs to accelerate business application integration. It can also improve the utilization of Elastic GPU Service resources in a cluster through visual management of Elastic GPU Service resources and shared scheduling of devices.

Welcome to SIG Cloud Provider

This webinar talked about the strategic arrangement of Alibaba Cloud products for the Kubernetes community for the first time. We cannot detail all the open-source components here. Instead, we hope developers that are interested in Kubernetes can find corresponding open-source projects. Any developers are welcomed to raise PR, or issues, or to give roadmap suggestions. SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba will share principles and best practices for specific components.


Q1: Can Cloud Provider of Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes add parameters to enable or disable each function?

  • In inclusive ENI mode, the lightweight virtualization solution of IPVLAN is used for virtualization in a node with much lower performance degradation than that of the host network.

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