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During any sporting competition, not all the action takes place on the track. Large-scale sporting events also host a range of press conferences, letting journalists gain valuable insights into both upcoming and past events.

Traditionally, journalists needed to physically attend these conferences to ask questions and get the required level of information. Now, our Press Conference on the Cloud solution provides a different approach, allowing journalists to get the insights they need, without ever physically stepping into a press conference.

Press Conference on the Cloud allows sporting organizers to seamlessly manage and broadcast press conferences in the virtual world, using both live and on-demand streaming technologies. Compared to conventional media conferences, this innovative new approach helps broaden the media reach and increase the efficiency for both the media industry and event organizers. For journalists, it eliminates the need for individuals to be physically present at the conference venue, reducing the travel costs.

Press Conference on the Cloud also scales the media influence and impact, allowing journalists to effectively be in two places at once, accessing high-quality content and virtually interacting with sporting representatives, from anywhere in the world. They can replay important press conferences on-demand, or ask questions directly to participants via a live stream.

For the organizers, operational costs are reduced as they do not need to accommodate as many journalists. The press conferences are smaller-scale events and the organizers can also maximize coverage of their event by reaching every interested party.

How It Works

Press Conference on the Cloud provides a live streaming opportunity for all authorized media and journalists to receive the most up-to-date press releases and news from sporting events.

Press Conference on the Cloud is powered by Alibaba Cloud’s all-in-one audio and video streaming solution. The ApsaraVideo Live service is an established solution based on our leading content hosting and delivery networks and large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology.

This solution can provide high-definition and uninterrupted live audio and video services to the sporting organizer and accredited media staff around the world with low latency and high concurrency around the world. Alibaba Cloud has a network of more than 2,800 nodes distributed across more than 70 countries and regions to help the organizer achieve this.

Press Conference on the Cloud also leverages our Content Delivery Network (CDN), which delivers content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, providing a high speed network for on-demand and live streaming of press conferences.

At the user end, our Video on Demand solution enables the immediate downloading and viewing of videos either in real-time or for future consumption, without the delays and other performance issues other services often suffer from.

Grand Scale

Some major sporting events can span vast geographical regions and our solution is ready for this challenge. The Press Conference on the Cloud solution works across multiple sites and can be tailored to the requirements of different conferences.

Organizer may need to run regular, daily press conferences and events for specific events, which may or may not be held at multiple venues. During each of these conferences, interpreters can translate the speech into a range of different languages. Using Press Conference on the Cloud, the translation is packaged into the original video stream, generating a new stream for each language. After the new video stream is generated, it is transcoded and then available on-demand.

At Alibaba Cloud, Press Conference on the Cloud is one of the many cloud-based products and solutions we have created to enable a global reach from the virtual world. To find out more about ApsaraVideo Live, please visit this page:

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