How STO Express Coped with Peak Demands during the 618 Shopping Festival Using PolarDB

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During this year’s 618 Shopping Festival held on June 18th, STO Express introduced PolarDB cloud-native databases from Alibaba Cloud to replace its existing Oracle databases. The newly introduced PolarDB databases smoothly handled the shopping festival business peak on June 18, reducing IT costs by more than 50%.

STO Express Goes Cloud Native

STO Express is a private express delivery company that started business operations early in China. In the past, traditional Internet of Everything (IoE) architecture used to be able to support its business operations. However, with the rapid development of the company’s business, its original IT system encountered a bottleneck. Take the e-commerce promotion event as an example. In the past, STO Express had to expand Oracle hardware and databases several months in advance to be prepared for the event. However, after the promotion, the utilization of IT resources was very low, resulting in a poor return on investment (ROI).

At the end of 2019, STO Express decided to fully replace its IT infrastructure with Alibaba Cloud products, making it the first company in the express delivery industry to migrate all its products to the cloud. STO Express took the lead in migrating its core systems, such as the order platform and its “Baqiang” system, to the cloud. Since then, STO Express was able to handle nearly 30 million orders per day. Before this year’s shopping festival major promotion, STO Express accelerated the pace of migrating its business systems such as those for managing scattered orders and package collection, to the cloud, and replaced Oracle databases with PolarDB cloud-native databases from Alibaba Cloud.

PolarDB’s architecture separates storage and computing resources to achieve minute-level resilience. It can be quickly scaled out to support business soaring during peak hours at minimized costs. During this year’s 618 shopping festival, PolarDB provided great support for STO Express by reducing IT costs by more than 50%.

Yang Henglian, the technical manager of STO Express’ scattered order platform said: “STO Express has always attached great importance to the cost of its IT infrastructure. Today, the access burden per resource in PolarDB is several times higher than before the cloud migration, which is highly dependent on the PolarDB’s cloud-native architecture and high-performance kernel. In addition, its parallel query function can easily complete multi-dimensional queries in the background of the scattered order platform. These facts prove that PolarDB is definitely the right choice for cloud logistics customers.”

Li Feifei, the head of Alibaba Cloud Databases recently stated that after years of technological evolution, “Going O” has stepped in a large-scale crucial stage. This year, Alibaba Cloud will help 1,000 enterprises to “Go O”, migrating 10,000 traditional data warehouses to the cloud.

PolarDB Cloud-Native Database

PolarDB is a cloud-native database independently developed by Alibaba Cloud. It is fully compatible with MySQL syntax and deeply compatible with Oracle syntax and data types. You can migrate data to the cloud with one click by using our Data Transmission Service (DTS). Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud database company in the Asia-Pacific region. Its customers include leading enterprises in fields such as government affairs, retail, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics.

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