How the Cloud Can Help Businesses Gain a Real-Time Understanding

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In our new digital world, the old saying ‘time is money’ still rings true. Businesses are now expected to react to customer demands in the blink of an eye, using next-generation technologies and tactics. For most organizations, mounting costs make this seem like an insurmountable challenge, as they watch the competition race ahead and transform their respective markets.

But the cloud presents businesses of all shapes and sizes with a new route to digital success, allowing you to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace — without letting your budget run away from you.

Creating Efficiencies

This massively reduces costs across your cloud environment. If you decide to commission our pay-as-you-go Elastic Compute Service (ECS) resources, for example, you could reduce your costs by between 30% and 80%, compared to a traditional host.

The nature of the cloud also allows you to transform your IT procurement processes, where you can move away from owning and maintaining physical assets and, instead, pay for your on-demand services. This brings further cost benefits, reducing your maintenance costs and allowing you to consolidate your data silos into a centralized and easy-to-manage data warehouse.

That’s not all. Our range of Security Services also protect your environment, helping your organization mitigate a range of potentially expensive online threats, run efficiently, and maximize your service uptime. For example, our Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your servers against intrusions, to provide high availability; and our Threat Detection Service identifies, analyzes, and alerts you to any security threats in real time, allowing you to proactively deal with such situations.

Real-Time Savings

In addition, gathering and analyzing your corporate data opens the door to the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, where you can use these smart technologies to create efficiencies and cut costs across your company.

Let’s look at a customer example. Cainiao is the logistics arm of Alibaba Group and has used cloud computing to dramatically enhance its work. It relies on our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and logistics cloud to track packages at every stage of the journey and ensure accurate and timely deliveries.

Cainiao offers data-driven services for every stakeholder in the supply chain, processing over nine trillion pieces of data every day. Data such as shipping trends and package location is processed by algorithms to determine over 80% of delivery routes, meaning that delivery is as efficient as possible and customers can accurately track their packages, with an on-time delivery success rate of 98%.

These real-time advances have helped Cainiao’s fulfilment network to reach a yearly growth rate of 170 percent, with high levels of customer satisfaction.

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