How the Cloud is Creating New Media Opportunities

To learn more about our Media Solutions and how they can address the challenges faced by today’s media organizations, download the How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

The days of prime time are over. Media organizations used to rely on push models to deliver content to consumers at scheduled times. Now, the consumers are in charge. They want their content whenever they want it, on any device and at any time.

This is where Alibaba Cloud can deliver. Our Media Solutions have the scalability, security and global reach to meet the needs of today’s on-demand world. Let’s examine the ways the Cloud is helping media organizations reach out to avid content consumers.

Challenge #1: Content Is Now Too Complex

From inception to distribution, media organizations must ensure their content is available in as many formats as possible, ready for both on-demand consumption and live streaming.

It’s a complex situation, but the Cloud can address the technical and cost challenges many media organizations face when working under these demands.

Using our ApsaraVideo VOD platform, you can build secure, scalable and highly customizable VOD applications with ease. It’s also based on our Object Storage Service (OSS), which allows you to store, process and access your content, and our scalable and high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) for accelerated distribution of media content using high-quality video transcoding technologies.

ApsaraVideo Media Processing also provides you with a high-quality, Cloud-based transcoding service so your content is available in multiple formats.

The multi-format, encoded content is now ready to go, but where’s it going to?

Challenge #2: Personalization Has Replaced Mass Media

In today’s media-rich world, it is increasingly difficult to find the content you actually want. A personalized end-user experience can address this challenge.

With Personalized Content Recommendation, you can build a content discovery service for your consumers in minutes. You can collate and pre-process your data sources, build machine learning-derived recommendations, publish recommendations to your audience, and continuously improve on these recommendations.

Challenge #3: Going Global Costs the Earth

Thanks to advancing digitization, the world is now a stage. Using the Cloud, you can make your content available without a massive upfront investment and without compromising on the quality of your service.

The Alibaba Cloud Global Network operates over 67 availability zones and in 22 regions around the world. It can distribute your content to a worldwide audience at low latency and with high availability.

But that’s not all. The Alibaba Cloud Broadcast Live solution provides media organizations with the tools and best practices to ensure their live streams are ingested, processed and securely made available to a global audience in minutes.

Using our Global Application Acceleration service, you can also secure and centralize the management of your network, providing you with everything you need to gain a competitive edge.

Thanks to the scalability of the Cloud, all of these solutions (and many more) are available as and when you need them. They elastically and automatically scale to meet demand, providing your organization with economies of scale — you only pay for what you use. Plus, without any physical machines to look after, O&M costs are also minimized.

The days of prime time may be over, but the Cloud can give you a scalable, global and cost-effective way to get your content out there, and put your media organization back in the spotlight.

Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market

Alibaba Cloud works with a range of media organizations. We can help you create, store, manage, process and distribute your content around the world, using personalization to optimize your end user experience. To find out more, download the How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

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Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends. Alibaba Cloud website: