How to Automate Backups with Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service


Step 0 — Add a New User (Optional)

Step 1 — Create OSS Bucket

Step 2 — Create Access Key

Step 3 — Setup Minio Client

cd ~

Step 4 — Configure Minio Client for Usage with Alibaba Cloud OSS

Step 5 — Create a Backup Script

#!/usr/bin/env bashSOURCE=$1
mc cp --json --recursive $SOURCE $DESTINATION

Step 4 — Schedule Regular Script Execution with Crontab

no crontab for nick - using an empty oneSelect an editor.  To change later, run 'select-editor'.
1. /bin/ed
2. /bin/nano <---- easiest
3. /usr/bin/vim.basic
4. /usr/bin/vim.tiny
Choose 1-4 [2]:
mkdir ~/backup-demo
echo test1 > ~/backup-demo/test1.txt

Further Considerations




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