How to Build a Modern Web App to Manage Events with AdonisJS and React



Step 1 — Creating an Adonis API Project and Installing Dependencies

npm i -g @adonisjs/cli
adonis --version
adonis new adonis-events --api-only
npm i --save mysql
mysql -u rootmysql> CREATE DATABASE events;

Step 2 — Creating the React Front-end

npm i -g create-react-app
create-react-app adonis-events-react
npm start
@import '';

Step 3 — Creating the Event Migration and Model

adonis make:model Event -m
create  app/Models/Event.js
create database/migrations/1541120387036_event_schema.js
'use strict'const Model = use('Model')class Event extends Model {
module.exports = Event
'use strict'const Schema = use('Schema')class EventSchema extends Schema {
up () {
this.create('events', (table) => {
down () {
module.exports = EventSchema
adonis migration:run
migrate: 1503250034279_user.js
migrate: 1503250034280_token.js
migrate: 1541120387036_event_schema.js
Database migrated successfully in 206 ms

Step 4 — Creating the REST API

Implementing the [POST] /api/events Endpoint

adonis make:controller EventController
> Select controller type For HTTP requests
create app/Controllers/Http/EventController.js
adonis serve --devinfo: serving app on

Implementing the [GET] api/events Endpoint

[~/adonis-events/start/routes.js]Route.get(api/events', 'EventController.index')

Implementing the [DELETE] api/events/:id Endpoint

[~/adonis-events/start/routes.js]Route.delete(api/events/:id', 'EventController.delete')
[~/adonis-events/config/cors.js]  origin: ['http://localhost:3000'],

Step 5 — Setting up the Client Side Components

Step 6 — Creating the Axios API Service

npm install axios --save

Step 7 — Creating Events

Implementing the Create Event Functionality

npm i --save react-flatpickr

Fetching and Displaying All Events

Step 8 — Implementing Delete Event




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