How to Build a Transit VPC on Alibaba Cloud

  • Easy to create all resources at once without tons of communication.
  • The whole design is very flat and clean without any single point of failure.
  • Expandable and fit for microservices system, which put their routing and security policies on application level.
  • Fit for different system environments with few applications in the VPC.
  • Hard to separate resource roles for system, network and security team members.
  • Enterprise networking and security teams are often quite against this distributed approaches.
  • Security Policy Requirements: Need to meet the network and security design standard as on-premises, which needs to be centralized with approval management.
  • Multilayer Approach: Have the same approach as on-premises, can divide the network and security segments like DMZ, Application tier and Database tier, etc.
  • Consistent Operation: Separate operation roles for different resources, such as Application, Compute, Networking, Database & Security, etc.
  • Resilience & Flexible: The network design needs to be resilience with HA and DR capabilities, also able to scale to meeting the complexity of enterprise network design.

Why Do We Need Transit VPC?

So, how to design our VPC network on Alibaba Cloud if we need to deploy many VPCs with different Production/UAT/SIT, etc. environments in it, as the following diagram? Furthermore, how can we meet the requirements from many enterprises as above?

How to Build Transit VPC?

First of all, you need to create a Transit VPC and Transit vSwitch in different VPCs as a transit network. As the route table in green, we create VPC-to-VPC connection from Production/Dev VPC to Transit VPC and connect the Transit vSwitches by associating the route entry to the Transit vSwitches.



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