How to Connect China and the World Using CEN

By Oliver Zhang, Solutions Architect

A lot of companies often face connectivity issues when connecting their China offices with their headquarters. Getting a fiber connected to China is an expensive and lengthy process. Instead, using Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is much easier and faster. In this article, we will have a look at how to do it in just 60 minutes to connect to China.

The figure below shows the architecture of our solution.

In this demo, we will be using Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) in Shanghai (SH) and Singapore (SG) to represent the offices in multiple regions. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Prepare the VPCs

First, we need to get aliyuncli. If you don’t have it ready, please follow the instructions here here.

Configure the aliyuncli environment

Create the VPCs using CLI. Create Beijing VPC.

Create Shanghai VPC.

Create Sydney VPC.

Create Singapore VPC.

Step 2: Build the CEN and Connect Beijing and Sydney VPCs

Login to the Alibaba Cloud console. Go to Products and navigate to CEN.

Click on “Create CEN Instance”.

Give the CEN a name and add Beijing-VPC into the CEN.

Click on Manage.

Attach the Sydney-VPC.

Purchase a Bandwidth Package.

Go to “Region Connections” then “Set Region Connection”.

Step 3: Build the VPNs and Configure the Routes

Create VPN gateway in Beijing-VPC

Follow the sequence of steps similar to the above and create VPN gateways in all 4 VPCs.

Create Customer Gateways in 4 regions. Below are the IP address for the VPN gateways.

In this case, BJ will add SH’s IP as customer gateway, while SH will add BJ’s IP as customer gateway. AU will add SG’s IP as customer gateway, while SG will add AU’s IP as customer gateway.

Configure BJ-SH VPN.

Configure SH-BJ VPN. Please make sure the preshared keys are the same and encryption protocols are the same.

Now the BJ-SH VPN is up

Configure the AU-SG VPN

Configure the SG-AU VPN

The AU-SG VPN is up

Create routes in all 4 VPC route tables. For BJ and AU, the routes need to be published into VPC.

  • SG route
  • AU route
  • SH route
  • BJ route

Step 4: Test Connectivity

Build test ECS in SH and SG and allow ping in security groups

If the ping is working, you should see something similar to the following:

This Demo is only a reference for creating a link to China using Cloud Enterprise Network. It is not optimized to use the optimal route, and therefore the latency may be a bit high. If you are interested in setting up a cross-regional connection for your enterprise, please contact your local Alibaba Cloud team.


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