How to Create a Cluster for Container Service with Kubernetes

What Is Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service?

Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service is a scalable and reliable high-performance container management service that allows you to orchestrate and manage containerized application lifecycles with either Kubernetes or Docker Swarm.

What Is Kubernetes (k8s)?

Kubernetes is a large scale, open source, automated orchestration platform for multi-container applications. It eliminates the manual work involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications. Kubernetes orchestrates, manages, and monitors extensive, enterprise-grade clusters of nodes that together run containerized application stacks.

Why Do I Need to Create a Cluster?

Before we can install and run Kubernetes container stacks with Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service, we need to have an Alibaba Cloud Container Service Kubernetes cluster ready and available for implementing our containerized systems. The Kubernetes cluster has three master nodes which orchestrate and maintain the application stacks by scheduling the containers on the worker nodes in the cluster.


You will need an Alibaba Cloud account. If you don’t already have one, head over to the Free Trial page to get $300–1200 worth of Alibaba Cloud products to try out with in the Alibaba Cloud Free Trial.

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster

First, head over to the Products page and click Container Service.


First, we told you how, along with Docker Swarm applications, you can build Kubernetes containerized applications with Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service for Kubernetes.



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