How to Defend Against a Database Hit Attack in 10 Minutes or Less

I. Laziness may be the primary cause for a “successful” database hit attack.

II. Do database hits affect enterprises?

  1. A P2P website was victimized by a database hit, and tens of thousands in funds are transferred through the dark web. The company did not want to be held responsible and vanished.
  2. A game forum was victimized by a database hit. Many players’ game accounts were stolen, and equipment they had bought was lost.
  3. Even though a database hit does not directly affect users’ interests, hackers can sell the accounts and user information they stole online, such as IDs, mobile phone numbers, and bank card numbers. They can also use the personal information to defraud financial institutions through fake identities. These kinds of damages can severely harm a company’s reputation, image, and user experience.

III. Is there a method that does not require expensive security resources but still enables you to defend against database hits?

IV. How does WAF deal with database hits and similar attacks?



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